‘Dhantoli ki Kali’

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Nagpur. Durga Puja of Dhantoli is very famous all over the country. Tapas Pal, former president of the Bengali Association, says that in 1910, Shailendranath Ghosh and some of his friends started this puja in a small garage of Soni Kirana shop in Mehadia Chowk. In 1912, a plague epidemic broke out in Nagpur. Many people died. In the same year this puja was shifted to Dinanath School in Dhantoli.

As soon as the worship started here, the plague stopped in the city and the chain of deaths also stopped. Since then it is believed that the Devi Maa protects the townspeople from trouble. This is the reason why the local people worship Goddess as the Kali of Dhantoli. The Durga Puja exhibition here is the center of attraction for children and adults.In 1936, Padmaja Naidu inaugurated the exhibition here. The special thing is that whatever income comes from the exhibition is spent on the development of Deenanath School. This worship also saw the English dictatorship, freedom struggle, two world wars and Corona. But this worship continues even today.

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